Episode 19: Zach Toporek - Young Mothers

This week on the Art is Hard podcast, Kiel sits down with Zach Toporek, the driving creative force behind the musical project Young Mothers and former U of A school of music class mate! There's some good old fashioned reminiscing both about an education in music theory as well as the origins of Zach's interest in music and the birth of Young Mothers and they explore Zach's very personal process of creating music and surrounding himself with the right collaborators. It's a very refreshingly honest interview so check it out!

Episode 18: Kiel Siler - Art vs. Artist

Another solo episode of the Art is Hard Podcast for your listening pleasure! This week Kiel tackles one of the most persistent questions in the world of art since the beginning: can you separate the art from the artist? Artists are known to have be sensitive, have big personalities, and don't always subscribe to a "normal" way of life. Love them or hate them, they still are the source of the content that we enjoy, despite their own reputations. In this episode Kiel dives into whether or not you can separate the artist from the art and if so, how? 

Episode 17: Zach Rippy - Sound Signal Audio

This week on the Art is Hard Podcast, Kiel sits down with friend and fellow audio engineer Zach Rippy, owner/operator of Sound Signal Audio, to go behind the scenes into the world of the artistry behind your favorite art. The recording and mixing process often has a substantial effect on the outcome of an album and so Zach and Kiel dive into Zach's process from start to finish when recording, how he visualizes a mix, and helps a band to find their sound. If you are curious about what goes on behind the scenes in the studio, check it out!

Episode 16: Trevor Hedges - Sundressed

This week on the Art is Hard Podcast, Kiel is joined by Trevor Hedges, the lead singer/guitarist/songwriter for the Phoenix, AZ indie/pop-punk band Sundressed. In this conversation, they talk about how Sundressed started (as many bands do) as a one person solo project, how it evolved into a full band, and how the songwriting given this dynamic. Plus, this episode covers how Trevor has navigated the more business-side of being part of a band gaining notoriety outside their home state and much more! Get it into it!

Episode 15: Sam An - Lana Del Rabies

This week on the Art is Hard podcast, Kiel explores the avant-garde world of noise music with the help of Sam An a.k.a noise artist Lana Del Rabies. It's a stirring conversation about how Sam began composing and performing as Lana Del Rabies, how she goes about crafting her sound given the multitude of possibilities, and how art can be experimental and ultimately subjective. This one will challenge you to shift your perspective on what art can be, so check it out!

Episode 14: Kiel Siler - On Censorship

This week on the Art is Hard Podcast, it's another solo episode! We live in a society that is increasingly polarized and with the advent of the internet and everyone being able to give a commentary on art and media. A such, our politics color how we view the media we consume and we are now having a different conversation about what is "appropriate" in artistic and creative work than we have in the past and so this week, Kiel shares his thoughts about censorship in the modern age, how it differs from censorship in the traditional sense, and he dive into Black Panther to explore the idea of conflict and how it is an essential part of art that's trying to say something! 

Episode 13 - Jay + Roger - Burnout

This week on the Art Is Hard Podcast, Kiel sits down with his friends Roger Calamaio and Jay Paz who play in the Arizona powerviolence outfit Burnout. It's a great episode that paints a colorful picture of what band life is really like. They talk about how the band was started by Jay and Emmett Thatcher as a studio project, how Roger ultimately ended up fronting the band, and how they write given their extensive history of being in bands together. Plus this one has a lot of good tour stories and much more! Check it out!

Episode 12: Erick Biez

This week on the Art is Hard Podcast, Kiel sits down with Phoenix area comedian Erick Biez on his front porch in downtown Phoenix to enjoy couple of brews and talk about comedy. We learn how Erick got his start in the world of comedy, how his approach has changed and evolved over the years and how he now uses a story-telling framework to build his act, and how he draws from his own personal experiences to make people laugh. Plus, its a great conversation about comedy, music, and art as a whole. This is a long one but a really good one, so get into it!